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Only $20 per month for weekly curbside pick-up service.

The Compost Fairy will provide you with an airtight, sealable bucket to fill up with your compostable materials. Once a week, the Compost Fairy comes to your doorstep to collect your bucket and bring you a squeaky-clean fresh one. Twice a year, just when you need it most, we’ll provide you with screened, finished compost to be used in your flowerbed, veggie patch, or to feed new trees and shrubs as you add them to your landscaping.

To keep our carbon footprint small, we are focusing services in Memphis. If you live in Germantown, Collierville, Cordova, Bartlett, or other greater metro communities, please shoot us an email to make sure we can serve you: mike@compostfairy.com.

Don’t want the hassle of a monthly draft? Pay for a whole year in advance!   $240 for weekly service

Looking to make your business was a little greener?  If you own/manage a restaurant or office of any size, Compost Fairy can help. We work closely with Project Green Fork to help qualify or maintain status. We provide all the containers and customize a pickup schedule to suit your needs, as well as consult with you to make sure we fit into your space & workflow. We also provide training for staff to help build a culture of sustainability. We will provide at least weekly pick-ups of organics. Starting at $50 per month.

HOME COMPOST ACCELERATOR & STARTER KIT: Have you just started composting in the backyard? Or maybe you’ve been at it for a bit but not so happy with the results? Need that compost pile to break down just a little faster? Well, fear not! The Compost Fairy is here to help you home composters out there.

Our Accelerator & Starter Kit includes 5 gallons of our amazing finished compost. It’s loaded with all the beneficial live microorganisms that turn your kitchen “trash” into treasure. It’s also carbon-balanced, which means we’ve put in the right mix of “brown” and “green” organics. Basically, it contains all the goods you need to speed up the decomposition of your compost pile to make it into the best soil you’ve ever seen. And we’ll deliver it to you! You’ll also receive a super handy Compost Fairy fridge magnet with a list of what goes in the compost bin, to keep your compost system on track. And, just because we like you, we’re throwing in a waterproof Compost Fairy sticker to slap on the bumper of your Subaru.

We can also provide large-quantity drop-off at our facility (minimum $15/regular truck load), as well as deliver bulk finished compost for your farm or garden. If you have other ideas for how we can help you, click the button above to  email mike@compostfairy.com or call 901.383.3549.