Finished Compost

Finished Compost

Compost Fairy Screened Bagged Compost

All of our residential clients receive one 10 gallon bag of our nutrient rich compost twice a year. Clients can also purchase additional bags for $10 per bag. 

Even if you are not a client, you can still purchase our finished compost! Depending on the size of your project, choose from one of our two offerings:

  • Finished, screened compost – $20 per 10 gallon bag
  • Bulk Finished, Screened Compost – $40 per cubic yard (up to 15 yards) + $50 delivery fee

Not sure exactly how much you need? We’re here to help! Just click the button below to get started on a quote.


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We’re so excited you want to purchase extra bags of compost! All of our residential clients should have received an email about delivery of their bi-annual 10 gallon bags. Included in that email is a link to a form, and that form allows you to tell us:
  • What you want us to do with your included bag
  • If and how much additional compost you want to order
If you did not receive your email, you can fill out the Spring 2020 form here. Thanks for feeding the earth with us!