Feed the Frontline
The Compost Fairy is part of the “Feed the Frontlines of Memphis” program, partnering with sister nonprofits & fellow composters Caritas Village & the Mid-South Food Bank to deliver delicious meals to the frontline medical staff fighting CV-19 while also supporting our local restaurants, farms, & producers.
100% of the donations on this page will go to this effort – paying Memphis restaurants to feed Memphis hospital staff. #feedthefrontlines
Feed one doctor : $12
Feed twelve nurses : $144
Feed an entire shift : $1,800

Residential Drop Off Sign-up

Residential Drop-Off

Compost Fairy Bucket Drop

When you sign up for our drop-off service, Compost Fairy will deliver your airtight, sealable bucket with liner and welcome kit. Whenever it’s convenient for you during posted hours, visit our self-service drop-off locations listed below to drop your food scraps and other compostables. We provide cleaning supplies and fresh liners to get you back in the compost action quickly. And twice a year just when you need it most, we’ll provide you with screened, finished compost to be used in your flowerbed, veggie patch, or to feed lawns, trees and shrubs in your home landscape. Only $10 per month!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Check out our list of drop-off locations below to find one that is convenient for you!
  2. If you see a location that works for you, complete the form at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click “Select Plan & Pay” to complete payment via PayPal.
  4. Look for 2 emails*: 1 from us saying we received your information and another from PayPal confirming your payment.
  5. Within 7-10 days, we will deliver your Compost Fairy bucket!
*Not seeing emails from us? Unfortunately, we may have gotten snagged by a spam filter, so be sure to check your junk mail folder!
Drop Off Location

Southern Blues Equestrian Center​

1707 Quinn Rd.
Collierville, TN 38017
Hours: 8AM-5PM Everyday

Bucket Drop Information

Residential Drop-off