First things first – what you’ve created in Memphis is absolutely amazing!

We are Atlas Organics and we are grateful to be joining forces with YOU, Compost Nation, in expanding our collective impact. Working with the uber-talented and dedicated Compost Fairy Team during this transition has been full of intricacies and details that we hope have gone smoothly for you.

Like Mike said in his letter, we have been swapping compost knowledge for the last few years and are honored to bring our operations and facility knowledge to Memphis to work alongside the Compost Fairy Team. Good people end up meeting good people when the mission is aligned. It made sense that when Memphis was ready to go REALLY big in composting operations that we would be able to join your favorite fairies to help do that. 

Atlas Organics is in the business of building and spreading composting opportunities. Our company started by offering a private option in the Southeast where, unlike other parts of the country, there is no municipal composting at a scale where it needs to be.  

Some quick facts about us:

  • Atlas Organics exists because we believe that people can and should contribute to something greater than themselves.
  • We believe a hero exists within all of us and we are all a part of the difference needed.
  • We recycle organic waste and make high-quality compost.
  • We specialize in addressing how to successfully divert organic waste from landfills through multiple methods including residential, commercial and industrial collection services. 
  • We specialize in developing and operating compost facilities.
  • Our headquarters is located in downtown Spartanburg, SC. 
  • We offer services and operate compost facilities of various sizes in 
  • Greenville County, SC 
  • Chattanooga, TN 
  • City of Durham, NC 
  • Indian River County, FL 
  • Memphis, TN (thanks to all of you!)
  • Coming Soon in 2021: City of San Antonio, TX. 

Atlas Organics operates a residential collection service similar to Compost Fairy that is called Compost House. Since 2016, Compost House has grown to serve various cities in the Upstate of South Carolina and Chattanooga, Tennessee. We see our residential service as a major driver of social change. Access to composting in an easy, affordable way that fits your household’s lifestyle is the goal of Compost House. Changing our communities, their waste, and their soil one house or one bucket at a time is how we create lasting impact greater than any one of us could achieve.

Our teams joining forces will help  composting abilities scale immediately – this translates as more access, more space, additional supplies, technology and manpower. And processing more food waste means we’ll be delivering more back to the community.

#composthustle  #bethedifference  #feedtheearth

As Mike shared in his letter, a part of this growth in capacity and services includes a price increase for the various options available to you to “be the difference.” 

We understand that anytime there’s a price increase for a service, it may affect people’s desire or ability to take part. We hope that doubling your impact diversion and greatly increasing the compost you get back (or donate) will help to validate this change for you and your family. We are counting on your partnership to continue the good work in Memphis which will boost the growth of much-needed composting infrastructure in the U.S.

We have already started our investment in greatly increasing diversion capacity, creating more living wage jobs, and combining the best practices of both our teams to make us better as a unit. If you have any questions about the details or changes to your services, you can visit our FAQ page on the Compost Fairy website. If you have any questions about us, feel free to email us at

That’s where we are, Compost Nation – excited to be joining forces to make a greater impact for the greater good. Your efforts and success at bringing change to Memphis continues. The gratitude that Mike expressed in his letter is shared by the Atlas Team and our focus is to continue to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. We feel fortunate to be able to continue to count on the talent and dedication of the staff and friends who got us here as we strive to grow composting in greater Memphis. We are honored to be able to be a part of your creation – one bucket at a time.


With gratitude,

Atlas Organics

We hope you’ll join us on the socials too! Find us here:




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